Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Going

So the ideas are always grand. "I will quit my job and make a living writing a book, about traveling, and drinking wine, and other tomfoolery. People will pay me to do this, and other people will pay to read about it". This is how these things work, I have read it in books. Someone decides they want to do something magnificent, they do it, it works, they write a book, I read said book, and I wish it was me. I am currently reading The Ridiculous Race. Two friends (Steve Hely, Vali Chandrasekaran) race around the world, in opposite directions. The first to complete the race, without planes mind you, wins an incredibly expensive bottle of scotch. As I think about their adventures it does not help that currently I am driving over an hour to work, down the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu. This is in fact one of the most beautiful places in the country, so it makes it easy to dream. I want to race around the world for scotch too.

OK, so aside from my multi million dollar book deal, I do have other dreams, more reasonable ones, but grand non-the-less. So I am one of those guys with a great career, especially in the long run. But I am also one of those guys who can't imagine 60 hour work weeks just to have no time to spend the money I earn. Money, no life, is not fun. No money, but a life, is fun for awhile. Enough money to provide for your needs and a few extra's and a real life, well that is always the goal.

So it was, that through many dinners with friends, we came to discuss the lack of a decent restaurant review site in our area. There is not a lack of quantity, just quality. There are plenty of Chili’s of the review world, not enough Spago’s (not that I have ever been). So we thought, why don’t we start our own? We like to eat out, so why not? So at this point I have kicked the idea around for well over a year. So to give the rest up, the drive, the job, and to spend my days eating food, drinking wine, and other tomfoolery, that is my current dream, my race around the world.

Scotch anyone?


  1. ...and with those words, foodsnobs is underway. Although I cant contribute much, I would like to be a regular at the events of foodsnobs.

  2. This is true. I hope you are as well.